Arctic Oil and Gas Development - Challenges and Prospects

To be held just before the meeting of Senior Arctic Officials meeting in Haparanda, Sweden, the Arctic Oil and Gas Development - Challenges and Prospects Workshop will bring together environmental NGOs, representatives from industry and government, foundations and institutions to focus on knowledge sharing and capacity building on a variety of topics related to oil and gas development in the Arctic.

Focussing on both big picture issues and concrete initiatives like oil spill response plans of the Arctic Council and EU perspectives and policy processes, the Workshop will explore the following key areas:

  • Arctic Oil and Gas in a Global Context – the scope of current and future development and the drivers behind it
  • Addressing the Challenges – examples of current policy initiatives
  • The Way Forward – the role of NGOs and how to influence the debate

Guest Speakers and participants at the event include:

Registration is free and is open to representatives from NGOs, industry, government, academia, foundations, and other interested individuals.

PDF format Download the Workshop brochure (pdf) for further information about the event and for information on registration.

About the Arctic NGO Forum

Launched in 2011, the Arctic NGO Forum is a new initiative that aims to provide a consistent way for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) concerned with Arctic environmental issues to get together, exchange ideas and perspectives and provide advice to the global Arctic community. The creation of this platform will allow NGOs the possibility to strengthen their positions and gain access to policy makers.

The Forum will meet twice a year and three larger workshops will be organized related to the state of the Arctic environment with wider NGO and stakeholder participation.

The Forum is coordinated jointly by UNEP/GRID-Arendal and ECORYS. The European Commission Directorate General for the Environment has provided initial funding for a period of three years in order to establish the Forum and to attract wider funding support.

Friday 21 Sep 2012

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