EU releases updated communication on the Arctic

The European Commission (EC) has issued the European Union's updated communication on the Arctic. The two-part report proposes steps for the EU's constructive engagement in the Arctic and reviews policy developments since the last communication in 2008.

The Commission and High Representative are proposing to focus further development of the EU’s policy towards the Arctic on three key areas:

  • Supporting research and channel knowledge to address the challenges of environmental and climate changes in the Arctic;
  • Acting with responsibility to contribute to ensuring economic development in the Arctic is based on sustainable use of resources and environmental expertise;
  • Intensifying its constructive engagement and dialogue with Arctic States, indigenous peoples and other partners.

The document includes a reference to Arctic NGO Forum as a means to enhance its outreach to Arctic non-governmental organisations.

This link will take you to all the relevant documents, including press releases, backgrounders and a Q&A:

The new communication has generated considerable discussion. See the Arctic Portal's summary at

For an overview opinion piece on what the policy means, see the Arctic Institute:



Friday 10 Aug 2012

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